More DIY Plans for Vertical Gardens

As we’ve pointed out many, many times before, gardening is an easy entry into more sustainable living. But if you live in an apartment, a mobile home, or a house with little or no yard space, you may think you’re just out of luck. Fear not – if you can’t spread vegetable plants outward, you may be able to plant them upward with a vertical garden design.
Several years ago at our blogathon for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Jeffrey Davis’ post on vertical gardening ideas was one of the most popular of the event. So when I came across some new plans from The Garden Glove, I had to share. Take a look at these concepts below, and let us know what you do to grow vegetables in small spaces. I may take some time to respond, though… I’ll probably be hitting the flea markets for chests of drawers and wooden ladders…

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