DIY: Cute homemade bird feeders

Feeding garden birds can be a very enjoyable and rewarding activity. After all, what better reward is there than knowing that you helped these adorable little creatures to survive the winter. Your children or grandchildren can be entertained for free for hours, and in these gloomy times knowing you are helping out some of the most beautiful creatures Nature has given us can be uplifting.
Birds will discover your house quickly and consider it as a feeding place. Their frequency of visits will also increase helping you to stay close to nature.
And don't worry - birds aren't picky, they don't require something fancy to attract them to your yard or window. Homemade bird feeders are quite easy to make.You can build your bird feeder out of materials you have at home. These projects are easy to make and fun to do with kids. And will help you to get enjoyment from watching the wildlife spectacular in your own garden or backyard.

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