Hidden Valley Springs Resort

Hot springs, dense forest, waterfalls--this place was fantastic! We spent the day here and I was begging for more. Next time, I would stay at Hidden Valley to make the most of the trip. It's a drive to get there, but consider doing it as a day trip from Tagaytay.

This place is paradise, and only 2 hours away from Manila! Yey! All the pools look inviting but mostly we stayed in the warm/hot pools due to the natural minerals they supposedly have. And I must say that after a couple of hours of bathing there, I felt invigorated and rejuvenated. The hidden falls is breathtaking and worth the hike going there. The food was a disappointment though, nothing great. Price is a little high, considering the food isn't great. We went on a weekday so I don't know if they serve the same food during weekends. There was no seafood at all, and the fruits were diced & mixed all together rather than sliced and served on a platter. But the place is really beautiful and we will definitely come back

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