Waterfalls of Havasupai

Havasu Canyon's allure is the blue-green waterfalls that captivate and enchant many people around the world. These waterfalls are located beyond the village and can be seen and heard as you hike down to the Campgrounds.
The water temperature of about 70 degrees remains relatively constant throughout the year. It's high mineral content and carbonate precipitate account for the pools and natural dams. The in-frequent floods repeatedly destroy many of these natural dams, but day by day and year by year they are constantly being reformed. 
When water percolates through the limestone layer it picks up high concentrations of carbon dioxide. This, in turn, can dissolve carbonate rocks in the groundwater. Once out of the ground and the water is no longer pressurized, the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, allowing the dissolved calcium carbonate to precipitate to form striking travertine benches.

Major Changes

Major Changes have occurred since August 2008 when a significant flash food swept through the canyon bypassing the old Navajo Falls, while creating two new falls. It is natural for the falls to change over time, as evidenced by the ancient crests lining Havasu and Mooney falls. The pools will regain their previous shapes as the process repeats itself as it has been doing for millennia; and sometimes with man's help to speed up the process.

Five Fantastic Waterfalls

Few other places in the world offer the unique opportunity to visit 5 major waterfalls so close together. The beautiful blue-green water of Havasu Creek tumbles over these five major waterfalls:
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